08 September 2012

My "Go To" Cooking Recipe

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I love slow cooking in my Crock Pot, especially during the fall/winter months.  Years and years ago when I got my first Crock Pot I quickly started trying to find good recipes to experiment with.  That's when I came upon the famous recipe amongst crock pot folk, the 3 Envelope Pot Roast recipe.  Even though I'm a vegetarian, when I first started making this I wasn't, so I can attest it is in fact good!  My husband and kids love it.  It's really a one pot meal that includes the meat, potatoes, and carrots.  I usually make biscuits to go with it as well.  In fact, it's funny because I just went grocery shopping and am planning on making this recipe tomorrow!

3 Envelope Pot Roast Recipe:


1 Beef Roast  ( I personally like using a Beef Round Sirloin Tip 2 1/2 pounder)
1 Envelope of Italian Dressing Mix
1 Envelope of Ranch Dressing Mix
1 Envelope of Brown Gravy Mix
1 cup water


1)  Place your beef roast in your slow cooker and pour in your cup of water.
2)  Sprinkle half of each of your envelope mixes over your roast.
3)  Layer your potatoes and carrots ( I like to keep my whole, but you can cut up if desired) on top of your roast.
4)  Sprinkle the rest of each of your envelope mixes over your potatoes and carrots. 
5)  Cook on low for 7-8 hours in your slow cooker

My version may be a little different than some others floating around the internet.  The way I do it is what turned out best through trial and error of making this recipe. 

Do You Have A Favorite "Go To" Recipe?  Comment Below!

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  1. I need to use my slow cooker more. Maybe I'll try this recipe. :)