18 September 2012

Use Food To Boost Your Metabolism

Naturally give your metabolism a boost with these foods that will help kick your weight loss into a higher gear!

1.  Apples:  Here's a high fiber fruit that helps you burn more calories.

2.  Pears:  Another great fruit high in fiber!

3.  Spinach:  Great for speeding up your metabolism and also high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber.

4.  Water:  The tried and true method of boosting your metabolism.  Drink up!

5.  Oatmeal:  Another high fiber food that helps burn calories.

6.  Grapefruit:  Helps burn calories while breaking down fiber.  Also a great way to lower insulin levels!

7.  Jalapenos:  Jalapenos and all spicy peppers work great to speed up your metabolism for hours after consuming them. 

8.  Cinnamon:  This spice is great for metabolism, and especially for the breakdown of consumed sweets.  Try a cup of cinnamon tea with a meal.

9.  Broccoli:  This vegetable contains both Vitamin C and Calcium, a powerful duo for upping your metabolism.

10.  Beans:  Up your metabolism with beans which contain good amounts of protein and fiber.  

11.  Curry:  Another spicy way to up your metabolism and burn more calories.

12.  Whole Grains:  Helps you get in your daily amount of fiber and is metabolism friendly!

13.  Green Tea:  This tea is great for speeding up your metabolism and also contains EGCG that stimulates the nervous system, resulting in more calories burned.

14.  Almonds:  Eaten in moderation (due to being high in calories) this food helps boost metabolism naturally with the help of the fatty acids it contains.

15.  Lean Meat:   Chicken and turkey are great examples of lean meats that burn a great deal of calories during digestion.  

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