27 October 2012

Blog Post Thieves - Are Your Posts Safe?

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Earlier tonight I read an interesting article titled "Blogging Basics - Is Copyright Important?" from one of my favorite blogs DadBlunders.com.  I recommend if you're a blogger that you head on over and read this article.  Some wonderful points are brought up about copyright rules and how this affects us as bloggers.  The blog's author discovered a website that had some blog posts of his on their site, a site known for stealing content to up their Google ranking.  Not only did he find some of his posts on this website, he also recognized some fellow bloggers posts.

As bloggers our Google ranking can be the determining factor of whether or not we get the traffic coming into our sites that we desire.  When websites steal our blog posts they are creating duplicate content which is not good and is frowned upon through Google.  Duplicate content can and will hurt your ranking in Google.  This website is stealing posts and putting them on their site.  This is copyright infringement.

The blog post mentioned above shows you how to see if this particular website has any of your content.  I followed the advice and checked to see if they had any of my posts.  Sure enough they had 2 of my posts on their site!  This really angered me because I have been blogging for a couple years now and I have put a lot of work into this blog.  My post rankings in Google are important to me, as is the case with most bloggers.  I have emailed this website's owner and have requested to have my posts removed from their site.  If you're a blogger I encourage you to check out the article and see if your posts are safe.

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