29 October 2012

Going Back To School - Degree Options

When making the decision to go back to school you may be deciding what degree goal you have in mind and the field of study you are going into.  For myself, my current goal is to obtain my Bachelors but I have an overall future goal of one day having my Masters degree.  Depending on your field of study and ultimate career placement you may only need an Associate's degree, although I think obtaining higher is always a huge plus!  Make sure to do your homework ahead of time in finding out what level of education your future career requires.

Making the choice to go back to school at any age is a wise choice and one that is so fulfilling once you have completed your education.  From a mom going back to school later in life I can honestly tell you that even though at times I feel stressed and overloaded (what college student doesn't?), going back to school has been one of the best decisions I've ever made and it's so rewarding to see yourself making those grades!  If you're still deciding what field of study you want to embark upon as you enter back into the classroom, below are some great fields that may interest you.  
Psychology Degree - Most psychology careers require at least a Bachelors degree.  If you enjoy working with others and helping people, Psychology could be a great field to enter into.  This is my field of study!

HR Degree - Some entry level positions in the Human Resources field require at least an Associate's degree.  Naturally the higher positions that come with better pay need a Bachelors degree or above.

Nursing Degree - If you are looking at becoming an RN you will need an Associate's degree.  Many who choose this path end up getting their BSN at some point down the road.  A BSN requires a Bachelors.

Accounting Degree -  If you like working with numbers and are more of an independent worker, Accounting could be a great field to enter into.  Most accountants will need at least a Bachelor's degree.

Web Design Degree -  If you enjoy design and have an eye for art you might enjoy a career in Web Design.  Some positions available with an Associate's degree, most opt for a Bachelors in this area.

Physical Therapist Degree - Most physical therapists can enter in with an Associate's degree.  This degree can be an affordable option through your local community college.  Higher degrees can also be sought after in this career field.

Dental Assistant Degree -  This is another field of study that can be earned through a local community college to keep costs down.  Most dental assistants can enter with an Associates degree.


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