09 October 2012

Hugo The Happy Starfish Children's Books Review And Giveaway

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Suzy Liebermann - Author of "Hugo The Happy Starfish" Children's Books


Hugo The Happy Starfish is a wonderful and educational children's book series by author Suzy Liebermann.  Suzy has traveled the world teaching German, Spanish, French, and English.  She has a degree in foreign language and business management.  She brings her vast knowledge in language and teaching to bring educational children's books that incorporate fun while learning a new language!

Hugo The Happy Starfish teaches children valuable lessons about personal character, strong morals, and ecological awareness.  Hugo also teaches children that having a positive attitude is key!  Suzy Liebermann has been kind enough to sponsor two of her Hugo The Happy Starfish hardcover books for this event.

          Hugo The Happy Starfish - "The Last Bully" 

In this book Hugo encounters some not so friendly bullies.   When Hugo witnesses these bullies picking on his friend, Hugo realizes that something needs to be done.  He starts an anti-bully club and through that, teaches the bullies how to be kind and respectful.  This book is great at teaching children that we all have our unique differences and that's what makes us great!  The book also teaches children how to deal with bullying.  This book also features parts of the story in Spanish so your child can learn words in a new language!

I really loved reading this book with  my four girls.  We all know how terrifying it can be to experience bullying first hand, and it's a problem that occurs in schools everywhere.  Suzy has found a great approach to teaching kids about dealing with bullying.  This book was a great conversation opener to talk to my own girls about bullying and the appropriate ways to deal with it.  

        Hugo The Happy Starfish - "The Secret To Happiness"

In this book Hugo starts to feel a little down and overall sad.  Hugo decides he doesn't want to be sad anymore and sets off on a journey to find happiness!  He realizes that what makes him really happy is sharing with others.  This book teaches children the value of sharing and how good it can make you feel in return.

My girls just loved this book as well and although my girls have always been really good about sharing, I think it's great to remind children just how important it is to be unselfish.  Just like the previous book, this one had a wonderful message, as well as beautiful illustrations and features words in Spanish.  Suzy Liebermann is truly a wonderful author that knows how to send positive messages to children through books just perfectly!  I would recommend parents sharing these books with their own children.

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase either of the above titles in hardback book or by download to your Kindle enabled device by visiting the following link or clicking below.  Please be sure to check out the other wonderful books in the Hugo The Happy Starfish series while you're at it!    

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*Disclosure:  I was provided free downloads of the above mentioned books in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions in this review are 100% my own and are not a result of any outside influence.

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