02 October 2012

The World Food Programme Is Fighting Hunger In Bolivia

The World Food Programme (WFP) is currently working hard to fight hunger in Bolivia, a country where 80% of residents living in rural areas are living below the poverty line.  This poverty is mainly due to these areas relying heavily on agriculture, which during lean seasons is causing food deficits, as well as natural disasters bringing forth issues when it comes to agriculture and those who depend on it for income.  The children of Bolivia are being affected with nutritional deficiencies and stunted growth.

The World Food Programme has 3 objectives to help those who are suffering in Bolivia: 

* Component 1: Integrated Programme for Children aged 2 to 5:  

The idea here is to integrate an on-site food program for children attending nurseries in rural areas.

* Component 2: Support for the National School Feeding Programme:

This component will aim to help 80,000 children ages 6-14 in food insecure areas to receive on site school meals that will help them to better concentrate and promote good health.

* Component 3: Strengthening Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacities:

This component focuses on helping those most affected in high risk areas prepare for and get educated on emergency situations for natural disasters to reduce the impact caused by such an event.

So How Can You Help?

You can make a tax deductible donation through the World Food Programme website here.  A donation of $1 fills 4 cups full of nutritious food!

"Get Involved" by spreading the word on the World Food Programme and the good they are doing all around the world!

Students In Bolivia Are Waiting To Hear From You!  Click The Pic!

Connect With World Food Programme (WFP):

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