13 November 2012

10 Fantastic Thanksgiving Home Decor Crafts

Get your house ready for Thanksgiving with these 10 fantastic home decor crafting ideas!

1.  Paper Pumpkins by IHeartNaptime.net

2.  2 x 4 Painted and Stacked Wooden Blocks - Grab some ideas here!

3.  Thanksgiving Tulle Wreath by TheUndomesticatedArmyWife.blogspot.com

4.  Decoupaged Pumpkins by ConfessionsofaPlateAddict.blogspot.com

5.  Paper Lanterns by EliseBlaha.typepad.com

6.  Crochet Turkey Coasters by CraftPassion.com

7.  Pine Cone Votives by ZakkaLife.blogspot.com

8.  Rosette Wreath by StelaBird.com

9.  Pumpkin Painted Wine Glass Candle Holders by Neatstuf on Etsy (link to buy but looks easy to make!)

10.  Dryer Vent Turned Pumpkin by ADiamondintheStuff.blogspot.com

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