09 December 2012

1000 Shillings Helps Women Artisans Worldwide

If you've never heard of 1000 Shillings, it is a non profit organization that helps impoverished women artisans worldwide by giving them the ability to be successful business owners to market their wonderful products with seed money to get them started.  This enables these women to help provide for their families, as well as a way to have their products seen by an international market.  With these handmade products also comes a personal story.  Consumers get to know the artist and her cause.  1000 Shillings also gives these women the resources to succeed, pairing them with business mentors that help them learn and grow their businesses each step of the way!

Meet Annette:

A single mother and active member of her local church Annette is hoping the sale of her beads will help her continue to afford to send her children to school, as well as help her with the start up money needed to start her own business selling rice flour.  To hear more about Annette's story and to hear the story of other women, click here.

Handmade Annette Necklace - Available in colors pink, cream, or saffron - $26.00

Please visit 1000 Shillings to meet more of these wonderful artists and to shop from their personal handmade creations!

Connect With 1000 Shillings:

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