17 December 2012

How To Throw The Best Birthday Party Ever!

How to Throw the Best Birthday Party, Ever

As a parent, you want your child to have a memorable and fun-filled party when it comes to his or her birthday. Unfortunately, birthday parties are expensive. Between buying gifts and feeding guests, making personalised invitations, and finding decorations, the costs can start to add up. However, there's no need to deprive your child of a great party because of money. With these following ideas, you can create the ultimate birthday experience for your child without breaking your budget.

·         Plan it together. Your child's birthday should be all about him or her; don’t force your ideas. Instead, listen to what he or she wants and work with them to plan the special day. For example, if your child loves superheroes, go with a comic book theme. Work to compromise on a simple theme that will not go overboard. Together, brainstorm ideas for games and other activities for the party, such as crafts. 

·         Decorate. Save money by making your own decorations. The Internet is full of DIY party ideas using everyday household items to transform your home and take your party to the next level. Get your child involved and have him lend a hand in the process. If you need pictures, print them at home. If you need costumes, browse your local thrift shop.

·         Send out invitations. You and your child can work together to assemble invitations to send to guests. Let your child express herself by creating her own themed invitations. The Internet can be a helpful resource. 

·         Include goody bags. Goodie bags filled with cheap plastic toys are not only all too common, but they can be forgettable. Instead of an ordinary goodie bag, find a single gift that fits in with the party’s theme. If you do feel the need to make a more traditional goody bag, consider shopping for bulk items that will fit into your theme. Include a handful of candy for good measure.

·         Schedule the right way. If you have a sleepover, odds are you will be paying for pizzas to fill several little rumbling stomachs. However, if you plan ahead, you can avoid possibly accumulating extra food costs. Aim for a time in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner, when you can provide snacks but can avoid having to provide a full meal. Also, keep the party short; two hours is more than enough time for the full birthday experience.

·         Keep things simple. The games and activities that you and your little one come up with should be simple, fun and require few instructions. Stick to party favourites, such as charades or face painting. Don’t try to do anything too complex, as you could risk losing attention spans.

·         Don’t forget the food. Provide a party tray with assorted fruits, crackers and vegetables. Focus on presentation. Use biscuit cutters to give food fun shapes, and if you don't have the skill to decorate, present the blank canvas to the kids and provide them with tubes of frosting to decorate their own. Choose smaller items over bigger snacks; these are easier to make as well as for kids to manage. 

·         Let them eat cake, or not! Your child's birthday may be an unconventional one; ask him what kind of birthday dessert he wants. Maybe it’s ice cream sundaes or cupcakes. Maybe your child wants to bake the cake; whatever he chooses, make it an entertaining experience. If your child wants sundaes, provide sprinkles and syrups so that the kids can create their own. 

·         Thank your guests. Have your child sign personalised thank-you cards and send them to all the guests about a week later. Your child can thank each one of her friends individually and can use it as yet another creative outlet.  

About the Author: Dawn Tvedt is a mother of two as well an avid blogger. She recently threw a successful birthday party for her twin sons.

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