02 January 2013

5 Ways to Keep The Kids Entertained on a Long Road Trip

 Well, the summer holiday or the Christmas season is finally upon you, and you have a big road trip planned. Everyone is excited, but you're a little bit worried that the kids are going to be bored. Here's how you can keep them entertained throughout the journey. 

1. Play Their Favorite Songs

Singing is an activity that seems to bring people together. Be sure to have a plethora of CDs and/or tapes so that you are not stuck listening to the same tunes over and over again. During the Christmas season, you can sing all of your favorite carols together.

2. Play Some Movies

If you are fortunate enough to have a vehicle with a television in it, then you can show them their favorite films during the journey. Be careful when you decide to implement this strategy though. You might be tempted to sneak a peek at your favorite part of the movie, or you may even become distracted by the sounds of the film. Remember though, it is your responsibility to keep your children safe in the car, and engaging in either of these activities is just plain dangerous.

3. Bring the Babysitter

Some families will decide that they want to bring their babysitters along on the trip, and doing so provides for an excellent experience in the car for all. The babysitter is being paid for taking care of the children, and the parents can work on navigating the route, driving and look for places to stop for a bite to eat. The babysitter might read stories to the children or help them colour on some little trays in the backseat.

4. Reading Stories to Each Other

Now, if your spouse is going to be doing the driving, then you can read stories to your children in the car. To keep them entertained and engaged, ask them questions as you read the story out loud. Do you tend to become nauseous in the car when you read? Don't worry as that is a common problem that many people experience. Fortunately, audio books exist, so you can just play the tapes and let the children listen. Even if you become sick when reading in a moving vehicle, your children might be perfectly fine with it. In that case, allow older ones to read their own books or to read stories to the younger children.

5. Drive at Night

When you are really worried about little ones, plan to drive at night when they tend to sleep. Beautiful dreams of the holiday trip will keep them entertained while you and your spouse safely bring everyone to the destination. For somewhat shorter trips, this suggestion also works well with your little one's nap time. The definition of a "long" road trip really varies from person to person.
Going on road trips with the children does not have to be torture for everyone in the vehicle. It is certainly possible to keep your children entertained with the aforementioned strategies and methods.

Paul is a father of 2 children has has recently returned from a driving holiday with his young family. He said his children love the Suzuki Jimny and said the long drives were a breeze as long as the children were entertained. Paul provides these 5 tips to assist other families on their next road trip.

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