09 January 2013

Guest Post: 5 of the Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day seems to be the one occasion that leaves couples stumped for gift ideas. No one wants to be the one to present his or her significant other with a boring, predictable Valentine’s Day gift. Giving a gift to the nearest person in your life is not as difficult as it seems. It simply requires thinking outside the box. These five unique gift ideas are sure to please even those with the most finicky of tastes.


A Weekend Holiday

Valentine’s Day is all about romance for two, and nothing could be more romantic than a weekend getaway. Giving your sweetheart a holiday package will let them know that you enjoy every minute you spend together and want to get even closer. Almost every hotel and spa offers a couples package that includes special extras for two. These special amenities could include features such as massages, horseback rides and romantic meals with champagne and roses. Choose a place that has features that are enjoyable to both of you.



Giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day may be cliché, but it is a classic gift for a very good reason. Jewelry is always a welcome addition to a collection of accessories. A gift from a loved one makes the piece even more special. Women love earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. A sophisticated timepiece for a man is always appreciated. Valentine’s day is also the perfect time to give a woman the ultimate piece of jewelry. Hundreds of partners choose Valentine’s Day as the day to ask their significant other that special question.


A Five Star Dinner at Home

Restaurants get crowded very quickly on Valentine’s Day, and many overbook their tables leaving even those with reservations to wait for hours. Hiring a chef to cater a dinner for two is an elegant way to solve this problem, and leave your partner breathless. You may have to spend a bit more than a typical dinner at a nice restaurant, but the rewards are well worth the expense.


Fine Art

Giving the gift of fine art is a unique expression of love and has the added benefit of supporting the work of local artists. Original art can be as costly or inexpensive as you wish it to be. Talented art students will often sell their original pieces for practically nothing. Professional galleries display and sell the works of more famous and established artists. If you wish to really impress your significant other, auction houses sell the art of renowned artists from all over the world.


The Gift of Education

One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to give is one that can be used throughout the year to learn a new skill. Signing you and your partner up for a couple’s class gives you an opportunity to come closer together and stretch the boundaries of your knowledge. Choose a class from a local school that you know you will both enjoy. Some popular choices that many couples enjoy taking together are cooking, art and massage.

Laura Coleman is a successful business owner operator in Brisbane, Australia. She writes this article to inform people how overwhelmingly busy it is for some businesses leading up to Valentine's Day as people are rushing to get their valentine's flowers leading up to the romantic occasion.

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