23 January 2013

Help WaterAid Provide Safe Drinking Water And Sanitation

Water is an essential tool in our everyday lives.  We use it for drinking, bathing, and for sanitation.  According to WaterAid, 11% of the world's population lacks access to clean water.  700,000 children die each year due to water related diseases from a lack of proper sanitation.  Not having access to clean drinking water impacts a person's health, which then in turn adds to incurring health care costs and loss of time interrupting jobs and education.

WaterAid aims at providing safe drinking water to those in need.  WaterAid also works to help communities build better sanitation practices and they provide vital hygiene education around the world.  Since 1981, WaterAid has been able to provide 17.5 million people with clean, safe water.  This has been possible thanks to community involvement, volunteers, and donations.

Ways You Can Help WaterAid:

* Swap your Facebook timeline photo for one in show of support for WaterAid!  You can find a variety to choose from here.

* Start a fundraiser in your community.  Plenty of great ideas to get you started are listed on the WaterAid website here.

* Give a donation to WaterAid.  $25 helps provide one person with access to safe water.

* Disclosure:  This post was written on behalf of my partnership with Mom Bloggers for Social Good and Global Team of 200.  I received no form of compensation for this post.  It's all for social good!  :)

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