15 January 2013

Simplify life: Tips for shopping for the kids

It is a fact that children go through clothes very quickly. One day it will be because the knee has been worn out in that nice pair of jeans bought a week ago, and the next it will be that stubborn stain that has decided to latch itself onto the favorite sweater. Oh, and the fact that your kid seems to have swallowed some growth potions does nothing to help the cause. To make life a bit easier, here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you find yourself shopping for new clothes for the kids. 

1. Children grow at a sometimes alarmingly fast rate, so it is advisable to buy clothes in a slightly larger size – one or two sizes up – in case they outgrow it before it even reaches them. 

2. While fashion is an important form of self expression for us adults, it is wiser to skimp on buying the trendiest seasonal items for the kids – they’ll most likely to outgrow them after a few wears! Invest in items that will be worn the most, like coats and shoes, which will pay off in the long run.

3. With lowered resistance to the external world, the clothes kids wear are essentially a suit of armor to protect them. Items made of durable materials that are protective and can withstand scuffing – such as jeans, are a must-have. If you find a quality pair, it is a good idea to buy another as a backup. 

4. Kids are capable of high levels of activity so functionality is another important consideration. Loose and leisure clothes are the best at catering to this so they would be comfortable playing in these clothes for long periods of time, and the loose fit means that there’s some accommodation for growth without needing to immediately upgrade to a larger size.  Avoid clothes that have too many buttons and accessories, as they are more difficult to take off and put on and could pose as a health hazard for younger children.  

5. Every child has their own personality and preferences, so it pays take note of items which suit them as well as asking for their input, lest they end up not liking the new clothes. This can also be used for a valuable educational experience to teach them about managing shopping and budgeting. 

6. Online shopping is a great way to shop for the kids without hassle, provided you measure them in advance and consult the stores sizing charts. Online stores tend to have a larger range of sizes and color available which you can browse in your own time and many have online exclusive sales and price drops at frequent intervals – just make sure to check the shipping and returns policy before you purchase, so you are informed on the options for returns.  

Shopping for Kids clothing  is easy online - changing what could be an epic trip (that requires planning) with the kids, to a quick job you can accomplish while doing something else or simply whenever you have a free couple of minutes.  Also in my experience, kids are much easier to work with when shopping online, as it suits their shorter attention spans and provides a platform for family bonding!  Kids see it as a fun activity with Mom instead of a boring trip to the store.

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