19 February 2013

Advertise With Bloggers $100.00 PayPal Giveaway


AdvertiseWithBloggers.com is a network of elite bloggers that works to advertise products and websites for companies. These bloggers have numerous dedicated readers who value the blog owner’s opinions and recommendations so it is the perfect way to get products and websites noticed. Advertise With Bloggers is looking for the perfect blogger slogan that would make any blogger proud to wear across their shirt and has asked bloggers to help. Textbook Mommy is proud to be affiliated with Advertise With Bloggers and is very excited about this slogan contest!  Here is a short video explaining the process - 
Here are the slogans that were entered into the contest - 

  1. Bloggers Sharing What We Love
  2. Blogging For Sanity
  3. Just Blog It
  4. Life's too short, start a blog!
  5. Gotta Love It!
  6. Social Media Driven Success
  7. Ride the Fast Lane with AdvertiseWithBloggers
  8. Bloggers are the voice of the people.
  9. Bloggers Do It Right
  10. B.ringing L.ots O.f G.iveaways
  11. Just Blog About It!
  12. AdvertiseWithBloggers, you'll love it!
  13. Blogging for Dollars
  14. Because Bloggers Do It Better
  15. AdvertiseWithBloggers: The New Mad WoMen of Social Media!
  16. The Secret Weapon to Boost Your Brand
  17. Bloggers Bringing You Business
  18. B. ecause I L. ove O. ffering G. reat Insites
  19. Peace. Love. Bloggers
  20. Bloggers get the word around
  21. Want to know? Ask a blogger!
  22. Need to know? Ask a Mom Blogger!
  23. I am so blogging about you!
  24. Awesomesause
  25. Bloggers WILL argue with a post!
  26. "Will Blog For Coffee"
  27. Advise to optimize
  28. Will blog for food, fashion and anything else.
  29. Blog till you drop
  30. Spying deals for you


Now for the fun part - one of our wonderful readers will WIN $100.00 via PayPal!
This giveaway:
- will run from 2/19 - 3/05 - is opened worldwide
Winner will be chosen via Random.org and will be notified via email.
Entering is super-easy, just choose your FAVORITE SLOGAN above - one that BEST represents blogging and put that slogan NUMBER in the entry form below.
Disclosure - This giveaway was brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com. Textbook Mommy is not responsible for delivering the prize, we are just helping to promote this amazing giveaway.

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