27 February 2013

Choosing the Best Window Treatment for Your Bathroom

The best window treatments for your bathroom are those that appear luxurious without sacrificing the maintenance and functionality of windows, while they should also be water-resistant. A broad variety of window treatments are available in several color schemes and themes based on the bathroom interior. There are several materials to choose from to suit the environment accordingly.

Popular Choices
The popular water-proof window treatment materials are vinyl, plastics, and faux wood. These are not only priced in the affordable range, but are also strong and durable. The maintenance part is also easy with these as they can just be wiped with a cloth or sponge.

Modifying the Form Factor
Other ideas for window treatments include revamping the window fully by modifying its basic form, which can be accomplished by adding different window styles like stained glass, awnings, bay windows, fancy grilles, woven bamboo windows, casement windows, partially or fully glazed work, and much more.

Other Options
If your bathroom is large, you can add more luxury by combining the window treatments with mini clerestory windows.Another good option to beautify your bathroom is acrylic glass block windows.

Try Draperies and Curtains
If you don’t prefer revamping the windows, you can just use draperies and curtains. Valances and curtains are available in several patterns, colors, and materials (vinyl, plastic, cotton, nylon). Fabrics like muslin, net, and lace offer a light and warm look or you can select dark-colored swags to get the heavy appearance. When you are using such delicate and thin materials, ensure that these curtains are backed by shades so as to ensure adequate privacy when using the washroom at night.

Blinds can be a Great Choice Too
If you don’t want to opt for draperies, window blinds are a great choice for bathroom window treatments. There are also other options like Roman shades, and elegant shutters.
Those looking for window treatments for kids' bathrooms should design them to be different and innovative from the ordinary bathroom windows. One can design the curtain rods in innovative shapes like a Christmas candy shape or a tree branch shape.

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds are yet another fantastic choice. In the earlier times, they were quite dull and boring, but in recent times, they also come in great shapes, and vibrant designs.Although they are considered as the simplest form of window blinds, they can actually add a contemporary feel to any room of your home as well as office buildings. Usually, these are manufactured out of plastic and can look extremely beautiful when paired with warm colors, and subtle patterns.

Keep All the Factors in Mind before Selecting
Before selecting a window treatment, keep in mind that bathroom window treatments should be decided based upon all the factors. If it is near a bath or wash basin, a roller shade or Roman shade is a better choice. Keep the humidity factors in mind when selecting such items.
It is recommended to adopt some fun and easy techniques for the window treatments. Based on the specific requirements of the family, it is essential to use different bathroom window treatment variants from the furnishing stores. 

This article is written by Ashley Hawkins. She is a professional interior design blogger. She writes product reviews and upcoming news for top designer brands and other luxurious home decor items. You can follow her on twitter: @itsmeashley2013.

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