12 March 2013

5 Fast Ways to Evaluate Applicants Online Accurately

Paper applications are a thing of the past, as more companies have taken the process online. But there are certain things you can see on a paper application, like how neatly a person writes, that a screen won’t tell you. Learn 5 fast ways to evaluate online applicants and make a good decision.

Fast Evaluation is Key

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You don’t have time to call every reference or research every entry. Available jobs get swamped quickly with applicants, all of whom show themselves in the best possible light. It’s your job to weed out those who are poor candidates.

The problem: just about everybody lies and embellishes on the job applications. Some are so good at it, they could practically get a real degree in fabrication. Look for certain key points to make quicker evaluations and find the right potential candidates.

Look for Early Work Habits to Weed Out Laziness

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Studies show that employees who held jobs when they were in high school excelled in overall job performance. Look at past work history to spot candidates who worked while they were students. It is much more likely that these applicants will be the conscientious workers you seek.

Be Suspicious of Connections to Family Businesses

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Be particularly wary of applicants who worked in their own family’s business in the past. It is possible they are coming to you from a very lax working environment. If the rest of the application looks promising, don’t turn applicants away. But you should ask them why they are not working in the family business, as this is significant.

Add Up the Months

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Look at the work history of each job applicant, and count the months. Employees who worked for a short time at various places have a very shoddy work history; why should they work more than a few months for you? Look for candidates who worked for employers for long stretches at a time. You want years, not months.

Grammar Says it All

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How’s the spelling? Look for errors when it comes to grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Poor spelling and word usage show sloppiness. This person might have made mistakes because they were rushing to get it done. That’s not how you want them to treat their work.

37% of Hiring Managers Go Online to Check Applicants

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More hiring managers are looking beyond the traditional application to other factors, like social media. CareerBuilder conducted a survey that found 37 percent of hiring managers looking up their job applicants online. Of this group, more than half turn to Facebook as a primary resource. It’s starting to become a bit of a hot-button issue, as many social media users have protested this hiring practice. However, social media can tell you a lot about who you’re hiring.

Evaluate potential employees quickly and efficiently by looking at certain key factors, and find the right person for the job.

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