04 April 2013

Get Involved - Global Newborn Health Conference 2013

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Fardin Waezi

Did you know that nearly 3 million newborns die each year and and that 2.6 million are stillborn? (Newborn2013.com)  With education and opening up a platform for a global discussion such as the Global Newborn Health Conference, we can reduce these statistics.  The 2013 Global Newborn Health Conference will be taking place April 15-18th in South Africa where a global conversation on the important topic of newborn health will be led by supporters including @gatesfoundation, @unicef, @savethechildren, @mchipdc, and many others.  If you would like to follow along for what will be a very important conversation you can follow on Twitter and tweet with the #newborn2013 hashtag.  

You can also watch this event streaming live on the web at: http://www.oneworld.org/newborn2013

* Disclosure:  This post was written on behalf of my partnership with Mom Bloggers for Social Good and Global Team of 200.  I received no form of compensation for this post.  It's all for social good!  :)

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