07 April 2013

My Top 5 Family Game Night Favorites!

Every week I look forward to family game at our house!  We always have a blast and we've accumulated quite the collection of entertaining board games over the years to enjoy.  It's the one night a week that we get to really kick back and put work and school aside to have fun and just enjoy being together as a family without the T.V., video games, computer, or cell phones getting in the middle of things.  So I thought it would be fun to share what my top five family game night favorites are, and feel free to comment and share what games your family enjoys as well!

1. Monopoly - Naturally this classic board game is a top favorite in my house.  Now that the girls are older they have learned how to play this game and we now enjoy playing this one very much!  I currently have my eye on the Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.  That one looks like an interesting and fun twist on the old classic.

2. Apples to Apples Junior - If you have never played this game I highly recommend it.  There is Apples to Apples and then the Junior version which we have because it's easier for the kids.  Some of the descriptions players try to match to the characteristics can be insanely hilarious!  This game never gets old and provides endless laughter!

3. Bingo - Who doesn't love the classic game of Bingo?  The kids like to take turns with who gets to be the caller and we actually have a couple variations of this game such as traditional Bingo and then we have one called Bug Bingo that has pictures of bugs instead of numbers.  I like to go to our local dollar store to buy toys for the kids to win when we play and they really love that!  For the adults that like to play online there is a great bingo gaming website called cheekybingo.com you might want to check out!

4. Pictionary - While I may not have the best artistic skills, I do enjoy gathering the family around for a good old game of Pictionary!  The kids seem to always do the best at this one of course.  This most likely though has to do with the fact that they always band together and put their father and myself on the same team since they know that we are both horrible artists!  Smart kids  :)

5. The Game of Life - Go to college, get married, and have kids.  Yep, it's the Game of Life!  We actually just recently added this classic board game to our collection and it has quickly become a top 5 favorite in our household.  The kids are actually starting to catch on to reality I think because when given the option they are now starting to pick the college route in the game {go figure!}because they end up earning more in the end.  I hope they feel that way still in a few more years!

What Are Your Favorite Family Game Night Games?

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