14 June 2013

What You Should Know Before Hiring A Babysitter

Just because you have kids, doesn't mean you are forever doomed to stay at home to look after them. Your friendly neighborhood babysitter is here to help you get out of the house. The trouble is finding that friendly neighborhood babysitter instead of some less-than-qualified hopeful. Your kids need to be with someone who knows what to do when times get tough, and they also need to be with someone you can trust.

Finding The Right Babysitter



There are many places to look for a good babysitter. Start by asking around your workplace, church, and family friends. Try to find more than one name. Have a few people in mind to interview in case finding the right fit is a bit more difficult than you anticipated. Get as many references from your candidates and be sure to check them out thoroughly. Ask the references how long the babysitter worked for them and if they had any problems with the babysitter. Make sure the reference really liked using the babysitter. Have a thorough interview with the babysitters that you do like.

Have The Babysitter Come Over Early



On the first day of babysitting, have your chosen babysitter come over early about 30 minutes early. This will be a good time to go over the house rules and make sure they know what to do in an emergency. Provide your babysitter with emergency contacts, including other family members in case you don't reach your phone. Tell your babysitter what your kids are and are not allowed to do. It is better for the babysitter to come early so you can talk everything out without rushing out the door.

Talk After You Get Back



Be sure to talk to your babysitter when you get back home. Ask them how it went and if there was any problem with the kids. Babysitters can be critical of themselves if the kids act up, but sometimes the problem is really the kids. Communicate with your babysitter. See what they and your kids needs to work on. You may need to sit down and discuss with your kids about their behavior. Some kids like to take advantage of babysitters since they are not their parents, but if a parent is there to support the babysitter afterwards, it may go smoother next time.

Keep Watch



Give your babysitter a call a little while into the babysitting. Even better, get an alarm system with cameras. I recently just got one from a company that I found near my city that provided Sherman home security . Having your babysitter on camera can help make sure they treat your children right and are not doing undesirable things in your home. I found a company that lets you view live feeds from your smart phone. This way, you can watch over your kids and the home while you are out and about. You don't need to keep pestering your babysitter when you can see what is going on right in your hands!

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