24 July 2013

Fountain of Hope Creates a Safe Haven for Children in Lusaka

Photo Credit: FountainofHope.org.uk

Fountain of Hope is a local based charity in Lusaka, Zambia.  Their mission is to help enable children to grow to become responsible citizens, as well as to help provide a safe haven for those children who need it most.  Fountain of Hope provides a loving and caring environment for a wide range of children - including local orphans, children who come from poverty stricken and broken homes, and children living on the streets of Lusaka.  

Photo Credit: FountainofHope.org.uk

Fountain of Hope provides these children not only a safe and loving environment they can turn to, but also food, clothing, free education, help with health issues, a place for spiritual growth, and so much more!  Through the Fountain of Hope children are able to find a place where they feel safe and welcome, as well as a place where they can get their basic needs met.  You can learn more and connect with Fountain of Hope on their Facebook page here.

Photo Credit: FountainofHope.org.uk

Fountain of Hope partners with Sport in Action to incorporate sports and physical activity in general as a big component to help aid in keeping children off the streets and involved in healthy activity.  There are currently football, basketball, volleyball, and netball leagues at the Fountain of Hope.  Donations are always much appreciated to help cover the costs of sports kits, transportation, and administration costs at Fountain of Hope.  To donate, please visit here.   

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