08 July 2013

How to Keep Your Home Safe

Keeping your house safe requires vigilance. Even if you live in a relatively peaceful community, you can never be too complacent especially if you live with your family. You can never really be too careful when it comes to safety inside your own home.
Here are some practical tips to keep safe.


Secure Your Door
If the only lock on your door is the knob lock, you’re not doing it right. Knob locks are easy to unlock for trained lock pickers. For added security, make sure that you have deadbolt above the knob lock.  A throw bolt is a bolt that comes out of the door. Throw bolts are very hard to remove and thus very effective in securing doors.

Make Sure the Door Itself is Solid
Even if you use several locks, a weak door is still very easy to breach. Not only should the door be heavy-duty but you must also make sure that the frame can withstand a great amount of force. Remember how in the movies they just kick the doors open? Weak doors.  Solid wood, fiberglass and reinforced metal are all excellent materials for a solid heavy-duty door.

Get a Watchdog
Barks will often scare off a would-be intruder. If you feel that getting a dog is too much trouble, you can use an alarm system that use barking dog sounds.

Lights where there is Action
You can use motion sensors in and around your house. These motion sensors can trigger the lights to turn on any time it senses movement. Intruders will think carefully before entering your home if they think that you are aware of their presence and are prepared. Get them on the spotlight. Your neighbors will also be aware of a burglar’s presence if there’s light on where they are operating.

Security Cameras
You can use CCTV systems that record everything. The beauty of this is that you can even check what’s happening in and around your house even if you’re not there. Most systems will have a feature that lets you check your home via the internet.  These systems can be costly. Fake cameras can be used if you’re on a tight budget.

Get a Safe
Burglars are, of course, after your valuables. A safe will add another layer of protection for your valuables. You can choose from a variety of safes. Some are installed on the ground, some in the walls. There are also fire-proof safes.

Get a Security System
Home security systems will scare most intruders. If they see that you have a security system in place, they’ll think twice before targeting your home. Some security systems even dial 911 automatically in-case someone break in.

Don’t Give them a Place to Hide
Bushes and large trees are perfect for burglars to hide. If you have obstructions around your home, remove them. Study the locations where a burglar is most likely to enter and make sure that there are no obstructions to let them hide.

Kevin Wilkins is a DIY enthusiast who contributes to www.GosuReviews.com, a site that informs consumers about their choices to help them make smart purchase decisions.

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