20 August 2013

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or some other ‘just because’ present, half the joy of giving a present is the presentation. You might not be particularly good with your hands or simply may not have the time to create some beautifully-crafted wrapping, so we’ve come up with some beautiful solutions to suit your wrapping needs.

If you’re sending a parcel internationally, you will be placing your gift inside a sturdy cardboard box, so you will need to decide whether or not you will wrap the gift in the first place. If you decide not to, you could always decorate the cardboard box. Rather than using wrapping paper, which may be torn during the journey, use a stencil to spray on some attractive designs, or spray string gold or silver and then tie it around the box for a slightly more interesting way to reinforce the packaging.

For presents you will be giving in person, you can be a little more flexible. For those people who are truly terrible at arts and crafts, all is not lost! You can buy plain gift bags from any craft or card shop, and you can jazz this up using ribbon, glitter, sequins or even stickers. A single dried flower stuck on one side can also create a really elegant look without too much effort. Just scrunch up some tissue paper and place it on top of the present to make it more of a surprise.

If you’re opting for the more traditional wrapping paper, there are ways to put your own stamp on it. If they have a favorite magazine, you could take pages from it and use them as wrapping paper for a really unique looking gift. Or, for something really luxurious, a piece of beautiful fabric can be used to wrap a gift. Just remember to use a good fabric glue or strong tape to keep it together.

Sometimes it’s all about the finishing touches. A glamorous flourish can make all the difference and can transform your gift into something really special. A velvet ribbon tied into an elaborate bow, for example, can elevate your present to the next level, and shows that you’ve put some real thought into it. If you’ll be handing the gift over on the same day, a single cut flower tucked under the ribbon can also make for a pretty finishing touch.

Just remember that it’s the thought that counts! Even if you hand over an unwrapped present topped with a bow recycled from an old Christmas present, the recipient will appreciate the gesture, so don’t worry if you can’t get it spot on!

Cassie Carlson is a full time mother and expert gift wrapper!

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