12 August 2013

Happy Family Introduces "Stories From The Bright Side" #HFbrightside

This is a sponsored post created for Happy Family on behalf of my partnership with Social Moms.

When it comes to feeding time I'm sure you can ask any Mom and they will have plenty of funny stories to share centered around their kids.  I'm talking food being thrown, food being worn more than being eaten, and of course who as a parent hasn't experienced a child who has refused to eat a thing or two?  As a Mom of four girls I have a few humorous tales myself of meal times that I'm glad I can look back at now and laugh at!

A more recent funny moment surrounding food, well okay in this case a holiday display that is edible, was this past holiday season when my children and I were making gingerbread houses.  The kids were so excited because instead of making one giant gingerbread house I was letting them each make their own.  We gathered all of the supplies including the gingerbread pieces, the different varieties of candy, and the piping bags of different colored frosting, etc.  

The kids wanted to try and do as much of the constructing of the walls of the gingerbread houses themselves as they could and I liked their independent approach to the task so I agreed to let them have at it!  Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties as the gingerbread was not wanting to adhere with the frosting so well and the kids' walls on their gingerbread houses kept caving in as they went along.  I kept frantically jumping from one child's gingerbread house to the next trying to save their walls from collapsing, but in the end we had some very unusually shaped houses to say the least.  Bless their hearts though because the kids were troopers and they still decorated them fantastically and of course gobbled them up within days!  I think this year they will let good old Mom help them out quite a bit more, buy hey, it's a funny story to look back at and have a good laugh!

 This year's goal!

In addition to this story I of course have had my share of feeding moments over the years with my children I can relate to other parents about, especially when they were younger including the throwing of food (did someone say spaghetti?) and of course who hasn't had a child refuse to eat their vegetables?  Been there, done that!  What's great is that we can look back at these moments with laughter, and thanks to Happy Family you can even win $20k towards your child's education just by sharing your own funny feeding story!

Happy Family is an organic brand of nutrient rich food for babies, toddlers, and growing kids that was founded and is operated by moms.  Happy Family is consistently recognized for their continued growth and innovation, including being named by Forbes as one of America's most promising companies.  To find out which stores in your area carry Happy Family products, click here for their store locator.

How does $20,000 towards your child's education sound?  All you need to do to be entered to win is head on over to the Happy Family Facebook page and join in on their "Stories from the Bright Side" by sharing your own funny feeding story.  While you're there be sure to like Happy Family on Facebook and check out some other hilarious entries!

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