17 October 2013

Top 5 Gift Suggestions for College Grads

 Graduating is a Big Deal!

Graduating from college is a huge milestone. A recent study notes that only 54% of college freshmen manage to graduate in six years or less. Some are met with financial problems and leave the academic setting to begin earning money as an adult. Others, met with the whirlwind of classes, exams, note taking, and high expectations decide that a degree is not necessary to their intended career path. For still others, the social atmosphere of college life is so exciting that focusing on studies is put on the back burner until they are no longer eligible to remain in school. If your child is in the group of students who has managed to graduate with a degree, you may be wondering what an appropriate gift is for such a great achievement. Here are five gift ideas that are sure to make any recent graduate smile.

A Down payment

With a degree in hand, your child will be moving into the world of working adults. For most, this will necessitate a change in location. Careers do not lend themselves well to fraternity houses, or to student apartments. This may be an ideal time to help your child invest in a living space. Some may argue that at this age, your child cannot possibly know what type of housing they will want for years to come, but economists agree that an apartment, townhome, or starter home is a great investment for those recently out of college. Owning one's own abode gives a sense of responsibility and stability, as well as the ability to build equity.

Business Clothing

The attire needed for college is often much different than what is needed to begin one's career.  While a college student may own one nice suit for mock interviews or dinner events, the clothing needed for a career can be overwhelming. From slacks to button down shirts, from skirts to vests and sweaters, hundreds, even thousands of dollars may be spent in attempting to put together a wardrobe that will carry your child through each working week. By purchasing the needed clothing, you will also be giving your child a vote of confidence, helping them know that you are behind them in their new business ventures.

A Vacation

Four to six years of college life can put a mental strain on even the best scholars. What better way to pat them on the back and tell them you are proud of your efforts than to send them on a much needed vacation. Some graduates dream of a European tour, while others look forward to a cruise to an exotic warm location while indulging in much needed relaxation. It is a good idea to work closely with your child to make sure that schedules and ideas mesh well so that irritations do not arise over miscommunications.

A Vehicle

College vehicles are often described lovingly as rattletraps, junkers, or duct tape on wheels. Because students are generally busy with work, study and school, they often make do with an older model car from high school, or something inexpensive to get by. Upon graduation, however, many parents decide to purchase a vehicle that will help their child make the transition into adulthood. A Scion TC is a great option with its reasonable price, edgy appearance and small footprint. By purchasing an automobile that your graduate will be proud to own, like a Scion, you will be encouraging them to maintain it well and to take pride in new ownership.

A Monetary Gift

It is sometimes difficult to determine which gift would be the most beneficial as your child transitions from college to career and adulthood. Parents know that this time of change and uncertainty may sometimes come with unexpected bills and needs. By presenting your child with a monetary gift upon graduation, you will enable them to use the money as needed while settling into their new role in life.
No matter what type of gifts loving parents choose to provide for their recent college graduates, being able to provide something that will help them settle into their new roles as adults will make most parents smile. By talking to your student, you will be able to determine which type of gift would most fully benefit them.

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