30 December 2013

Airborne Provides Immune System Support - Product Review

Disclosure: I was provided sample products in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.

Airborne was created by a teacher who had an idea to formulate a product with immune support in mind.  Working closely with nutrition experts and herbalists her vision became what we now know as Airborne and the wonderful line of immune support products for both children and adults alike!  Speaking of the different varieties of Airborne products for children and adults, did you know that the Effervescent Tablets that many of you may have tried in the past in the Zesty Orange flavor also come in Very Berry, Lemon Lime, and Pink Grapefruit flavor varieties?  Drinking to your immune support has never tasted so good!

Airborne also has other great products in their lineup for adults, such as their Chewable Tablets which I recently have become a fan of.  I had the chance to review their Berry flavor Chewables, although they also come in the Citrus flavor variety.  These are great to pop one in on the go and you can rest assured knowing that you are doing good for your immune system support.  You can take up to three of these chewables a day and they are gluten free with no preservatives.

Let's not forget about the kids though because Airborne has a great product I have to share for providing immune system support for them as well.  Airborne Kids Gummies not only provide immune system support, they also give a boost of Vitamin C, as well as 9 other vitamins, minerals, and herbs.  They are designed for ages 4 and up, comes in a variety of fun fruit flavors, and are shaped in fun fruit wedges!  My kids have been taking one of these a day for the past week and they just love the flavors of these and I feel good about giving this product to them because of all the vitamins and immune system support I know they are getting!  Airborne even offers an adult gummies version as well so check your local store locations for those, or you can buy them from Airborne's website here!

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