03 February 2014

Orijen Cat Treats Provide All Natural Ingredients and 100% Meat

Disclosure: I received samples from Chewy.com in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not a result of any outside influence.

Champion Petfoods, the maker of Orijen cat treats, is proud to provide quality products you can feel good about giving your feline friends.  Their Orijin cat treats are made with only the freshest ingredients and 100% meat.  These treats contain cage-free chicken and turkey from local prairie farms, as well as fresh wild-caught flounder from North Vancouver's Pacific Ocean.  Orijen cat treats are also freeze dried to preserve their freshness and to lock in the taste.  The process of freeze drying only removes water, so any nutrients stay intact! 

Orijen Treats Come In These 5 Great New Flavors:
Ranch Raised Lamb
Alberta Wild Boar

You can purchase Orijen cat treats and other popular Orijen products from Chewy.com!

I have two cats and let me tell you come treat time, getting a picture for this review before they gobbled them up was quite the challenge!  I'm guessing by how fast they ate them up (I gave each cat two treats) that they thought that they were amazingly good.  I was able get one good picture before Ms. Poopsie the kitty could finish her last treat.  Yes, the kids named her when she was a kitten!  I have to say that it is refreshing to find a cat treat that uses 100% meat and no fillers.  When I look at the ingredients list I can understand everything on it, so I know that what I am giving my cats is nutritious.  It truly is 100% meat!  I love getting to reward the cats with treats, and they seem to really enjoy these Orijen cat treats.  If you have feline companions I would definitely recommend heading over to Chewy.com and taking a look at the different treat varieties Orijen offers.  Your cat will thank you!

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