01 April 2014

Look Fashionable at the Speed of Life

Moms don’t always get to feel like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine.  Sometimes it’s all you can do to brush your hair between chasing the kids around and running them to school then soccer and ballet.  Well not anymore.  At Miche, it’s simple and easy to stay up-to-date and stylish when it comes to your bag—and it’s affordable!

If you need a bag that can do it all, the Prima is the one for you.  It is the largest of the Miche bags and can be used for whatever life demands.  It is large enough to fit the diapers, teething toys, snacks, wipes, anti static brush, and anything else you need to survive the day and still look stylish.  The Prima is large and roomy, but doesn’t look like you’re hauling around half your house.

With the interchangeability of Miche, get yourself several different Shells and change the bag as often as you want.  Change it to match your shoes one day, your necklace the next, or change it just because you can.  It doesn’t even take any time away from your busy day to change.  Just take out the Base Bag and put on a new magnetic Shell and you are good to go.

If you’d like a bag that’s not too large, but you still need room to carry around a few extra things, the Demi is the right size.  It’s the medium-sized bag that is large enough to carry a few snacks and toys, but not too large that you feel like you have to fill it up.  It’s the perfect bag to use when you’re driving your kids from one event to the other or, if you get a break, meeting up with the other moms for a quick lunch. 

The Demi also comes with many different options of Shells in all styles trendy and classic.  If you need a pop of color to brighten your outfit, put on the Mimi.  Its bold color brightens any outfit and mood!  If you’re feeling a little more traditional, go with the Marcy.  Need a new pick-me-up for spring?  Slip on the Lila and see your disposition change.  For whatever you’re feeling, there’s a Shell for that!

Now that you have your Base Bags and your many Shells, you obviously can’t use them all at the same time, so where do you store them?  This question is easily answered.  The Shells lie flat so they are easily stacked on a shelf or even neatly under your bed.  They will be out of your way and easily accessible to you so you can change them as you please.  

Be sure to check out all of the Miche styles available and stay fashionable at the speed of life!

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