25 July 2014

Alternatives to the Traditional Chalkboard

In an age dominated by digital technology, there is still a tremendous demand for traditional visual display equipment. Students should be encouraged to use their hands to physically write onto surfaces rather than just relying on keyboards on computers and digital devices. Educational facilities use a variety of classic supplies for teaching students effectively. For example, chalkboards have been used for decades to teach classrooms in primary, secondary and post-secondary schools. Contemporary technology has improved chalkboards with the development of special chalk that doesn't leave a mess or any dust. Additionally, special chalk erasers are designed to absorb the chalk effectively and minimize the dusting effect.


A popular alternative to a chalkboard is a whiteboard, which is compatible with special markers that are erasable. Dry-erase technology is convenient because it doesn't leave any marks behind like traditional markers. For young children and even some adults, it's much easier to write with a full size marker rather than a piece of chalk. Additionally, whiteboards can often be adjusted in height while chalkboards are usually fixed to a wall without any ways to adjust its setting. Supplies such as Ghent Whiteboards and other display equipment are examples of content presentation materials for educational purposes.

For the ultimate mobility, easels are excellent choices in educational and professional settings. These units stand on multiple legs on stable surfaces. Additionally, easels could be tilted at different angles and adjusted in height. The base of an easel usually has caster wheels that are designed for smooth rolling. For commercial applications, such display units could be set up on a sidewalk in order to attract customers inside a business. For example, restaurant menus are typically posted on titled easels.

Directory Cabinets

Directory cabinets are also popular installations in public places. These units accommodate individual letters that could be arranged to spell out short notices. Sometime display units are only used to provide information. For example, bulletin boards feature pieces of paper that have notices and other important reminders. For maximum protection, glass or plastic enclosing might be applied to bulletin boards. Tackboards are also categorized into a class of equipment that's used for posting notices. Pieces of paper can be easily attached to the surface of the tackboard with traditional thumb tacks. The surface of the board is made of relatively soft cork or vinyl that doesn't get damaged from deep holes by tacks and other similar fasteners.

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