20 May 2015

Take a Course Through Udemy - All Courses on Sale Now!

Pay $19 for any course!

Right now for a limited time Udemy is having an exciting sale on all of their courses!  You can pick any course for just $19!  If you have never checked out Udemy before it is an online education hub where adults of all ages can take courses on a wide variety of subjects (I'm talking over 25,000 courses) so that anyone can take their career to the next level, learn a new language, or simply learn a new hobby.  Some courses offered at Udemy include writing, Excel, photography, test prep and more!  You can even sign up through Udemy to teach a course for those interested in making some extra money while sharing your knowledge with others.  Course prices normally vary on a sliding scale depending on the instructor's fee, so this limited sale is a steal you won't want to miss!

Use 'BELIEVE1991' at checkout. Valid until 5/22/15 11:59 PST

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