19 June 2015

5 Low Cost Family Summer Activities

Are you looking for some fun activities your family can enjoy this summer without breaking the bank?  The truth is you don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun as a family.  Making memories with some quality time is what these activities are all about!  Below are five low cost ideas for family summer activities that I hope will inspire you to get together this summer to make your own family memories!  I know number one is a favorite of mine!  If you have any other low cost activities to share I would love to hear them in the comments.

1. Hiking : A favorite of my mine, hiking is a great low cost family activity!  Hiking gets the family together outdoors for some healthy physical activity and it also serves as a great educational opportunity for children by immersing them in nature.  Be sure to bring the sunscreen, carabiner, hats, some snacks, and plenty of water to stay hydrated!

2.  Have a Beach Day: Round up the family together for a beach day!  This low cost activity will be sure to keep everyone entertained with a day of sand castle building, splashing in the waves, flying kites, and of course hunting for seashells.  Pack a picnic and enjoy the day!

3.  Backyard Camping:  If camping away from home is not in the budget then consider backyard camping!  Pitch your tents in the backyard, take turns telling some spooky campfire stories while enjoying s' mores, and you will have a summer family memory to last.   

4.  Family Bike Ride:  Here's an activity that is perfect for the summertime months and is something the whole family will enjoy.  Make sure everyone has a snug helmet for safety, that they bring a water along for hydration, and that you pack a first aid kit just in case of an emergency.  Then, either map out the route your family will take together or you can even check your local trails, as many allow bikes as well.  Talk as a family about safety beforehand and then have fun on your family bike ride that I'm sure will lead to many more!

5.  Picnic at the Park:  Summer is a great time to pack up a picnic lunch for the family and head to your local park!  The kids can can enjoy playing at the playground where they can meet some new friends and you can pack some sporting gear like a basketball, soccer ball, or Frisbee to start a family game as well.

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