13 June 2015

50 Recycled Jewelry Ideas

Photo Credit: Fotr

One Man's Trash Is An Accessory Treasure!

Making your own unique works of wearable art from items tossed out everyday can be fun, not to mention sustainable. I have scoured the web and compiled a list of the top 50 upcycled and recycled jewelry crafts. I hope you will be inspired by some of these ideas. I know I am!

The First Fab 25

  1. Bottle Cap Earrings
  2. Computer Keyboard Bracelet
  3. Recycled Salt Shaker Necklace
  4. Vinyl LP Record Bangle
  5. Spoon Handle Bracelet
  6. Headphone Earrings
  7. Toothbrush Bracelet
  8. Curler Cuff Bracelet
  9. Wine Cork Bracelet
  10. Pop Tab Choker Necklace
  11. Pop Tab Bracelet
  12. Guitar String Bangles
  13. Paper Bracelets
  14. Scrabble Tile Pendant
  15. Recycled Belt Cuff
  16. Recycled Button Cuff Bracelet
  17. Recycled Jewelry Brooch
  18. Bike Inner Tube Jewelry
  19. Water Bottle Jewelry
  20. Potato Chip Bag Bracelet
  21. Penny Pendants
  22. Jewelry From Recycled Gift Cards
  23. Upcycled Spoon Pendant
  24. Pin Cushion Ring
  25. Lego Earrings 

The Remaining Fab 25 Ideas!


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