24 August 2015

Five Reasons Hiring A Tutor Is a Great Step To Further Your Kids Learning

Children’s academic prowess varies from child to child. Some need more help than others, and some instantly take to school like a fish takes to water. Which one would you say needs a tutor? Well, the honest answer is they both can benefit from a tutor. As a society, we often only think we need help when we are struggling. However, even if we can stand on our own two feet, there is nothing wrong with bettering yourself. When it comes to children, it inhibits their ability to learn, and that is a potential disaster.

Here are five more reasons hiring a tutor could be the best thing that you ever did for your children.

One To One

Schools are flawed in some respects. Because every child has a right to a free education, there are often more children than educators in one class. And, because school funding goes off how many kids pass their exams, too much emphasis is put on teaching them the bare minimum. Tutors at VaultPrep.com will tell you that kids respond far better when they have the time and attention of their teachers. Although that might not be the case at school, it can be the case at home.


Kids have difficulty focusing in the classroom. We have all been there and at the time it good to be the class clown or try and impress a certain boy or girl. There is no doubt it is fun for them, but it is also disruptive. Kids have small attentions spans to begin with, and they only get smaller the stimuli they are to get in the way. One to one tuition normally takes place in a controlled environment where they can focus solely on studying.

Only One Chance

Exams are usually heavily weighted to a child’s final grade, which means there is a lot of pressure. In fact, it means they only have one chance to succeed. Passing their exams could be the only chance they get for getting into the school or university of their dreams, so why take the chance? A tutor will increase the chances of passing and moving onto higher education and hopefully a degree.

Increases Confidence

Kids have been known to let their confidence drop in the classroom if they are not happy. Instead of telling their teachers when they don’t understand, they bottle it up because they don’t want to look stupid. A lack of confidence can then spiral out of control and affects their mental attitude. Kids won’t want to learn because they think they can’t, and that is when their grades will fall off dramatically. A tutor will go at your children’s pace and let them gain the confidence they need to understand certain concepts. Better yet, they will encourage and inspire.

Maintains Skills

The summer time is a good break for everyone, but it can have a negative effect on kids. Over the summer, they might lose the cognitive skills they have just learned in school. So, when they go back it like starting back at square one. They might as well take one step forward and two steps back! A tutor will maintain their skills over the summer so they go back refreshed and ready.

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