24 September 2015

3 Simple Tips for a Sexy Mama Lifestyle


3 Simple Tips for a Sexy Mama Lifestyle 

1. Make physical activity a daily habit.

It's no secret that getting some daily exercise is beneficial in SO many ways, whether you're doing a HIIT session, pumping iron, or going for a 30 minute walk. You'll notice you sleep better at night, focus better during the day, crave healthier foods, and experience a better mood overall. 

2. Prepare for the next day, the night before.

This is a biggie for us mamas. For some reason, popping out a kid defaults us to the demanding role of Family Manager, which leaves us with a looong list of tasks to keep up with. So how about this: Instead of waking up frantic in the mornings, mind cluttered with to-do items and overwhelmed by where to begin, take a few minutes the night before to lay out a plan for yourself. Seriously, just five to ten minutes the night before saves you so much stress the next morning. Give it a try!

3. Commit to positivity.

Listen, none of us are perfect. NO ONE (not even me--gasp!) has the perfect diet, attitude, etc, ALL the time. We're human. Accept that. Accept yourself where you are, but love yourself enough to continue improving, learning and growing. If you make a poor diet choice, skip a workout, or lose your cool for a bit, don't beat yourself up. Pick yourself back up, take responsibility for your choices and actions, and keep moving forward! Acknowledge the mistakes and the challenges, but always focus on the positive, and speak to yourself positively. 

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post brought to you by SexyMamaProgram.com

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