13 October 2015

5 Tips for Nanny Hosted Play Dates

As a parent you want your little one to socialize with kids their own age, learn how to share, learn how to take turns, and take part in the childhood tradition known as the play date. In this pint sized kid meet up, either your child goes over to play at a friend’s home or their friend comes to your house. It’s also common for the play date to be held in a public place, such as a park, playground, or zoo.
Occasionally you may meet up with a child during a time when they are being cared for by a nanny, or a parent may invite your child over when your nanny is in charge. The following tips can help keep things running smoothly on your play date, even with a nanny or caregiver involved.
Tip 1: Let the Nanny Schedule the Date
Letting the people who will actually be at the play date be the ones to set it up decreases the odds of a scheduling conflict. If your child has been invited over at a time when the other kiddos nanny is in charge, speak directly with their nanny to schedule the date. If your nanny will be in charge of your kiddo, let her be the one in charge of the schedule. The last thing you want to happen is to get the kids excited, only to find out that the date has to be rescheduled.
Tip 2: Ask their Nanny if You/They Should Stay
Play dates can be a bit awkward when you’re trying to figure out if you should stay and supervise the kids along with the other adult at their home or if you should head out and run errands. The best thing to do is to ask the other child’s nanny if she would like for you to stay. She may ask that you stay a few minutes to make sure that the kids get along, or she may say you’re free to go on your merry way.
If the child is coming to your home, let the nanny decide if she would like to stay or not. Their employer may have instructed them to stay and help, or they may have some errands to run. If your nanny is hosting the date, let them choose if the other parent or nanny should stay. They may be nervous about caring for an extra child, or they decide that they can handle it.
Tip 3: Don’t Take Over Their Date
If you aren’t the one hosting, don’t take over the date. Don’t bring activities, as it can come off as rude and seem like you don’t think their nanny can adequately host. If your kiddo has food allergies or follows a special diet, ask the nanny ahead of time about bringing the snacks.
Tip 4: If You’re Dropping Your Kiddo Off, Ask What Time You Should Return
Your kiddo is excited to play with their friend and you leave the kids in the capable hands of the nanny, only to realize she never specified what time you should pick your little one up. They typical play date lasts an hour or two, depending on the kid’s ages, but the nanny may need you back sooner. The best thing to do is make sure you ask what time you should return before you leave.
Tip 5: Don’t Expect Their Nanny to Clean Up the Entire Mess
Show up a few minutes early when it’s time to pick up your child and help clean up. While their nanny is an employee, she is not yours, and should not be expected to clean up after your child. Arriving back a few minutes early to clean up shows that you value her time, and shows off your amazing mommy manners. 

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