03 October 2015

CloverSac Purse Organizer Insert Review

For us women, keeping our purses not only organized but stain free is important, especially for those of us who invest in pricey handbags.  The company CloverSac has invented a wonderful product that is able to tackle both issues all in one with their Purse Organizer Insert.  The CloverSac Emma Purse Organizer Insert comes in two different sizes, the Emma 28 and the Emma 22.  Emma 28 is 28 cm in length and is designed to fit into bigger handbags while Emma 22 is 22 cm long and is designed to fit into smaller sized handbags.  What's great about these Purse Organizer Inserts is that they have been tested to ensure that they will not stain the interior of your handbags so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product!  CloverSac also carries many other products including their wonderful base shaper, pillow shapers, dust bags, and other great handbag accessories.

Check out these before and after photos of a purse using the CloverSac Purse Organizer Insert:



Some other great features about the CloverSac Purse Organizer Insert are that it's lightweight and easy to set up.  It comes with 3 structure cards that easily slide into place.  The smaller two go into the side wall pockets and the larger one goes into the bottom pocket.  Very simple!  If you find that you need a little bit more room in your purse organizer CloverSac has made it easy for you to remove the center compartment to create more space.  This Purse Organizer Insert from CloverSac is a great way to stay organized and keep your purse looking new longer!

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