01 October 2015

Educational Games and Activities for Kids

There is now peer reviewed research evidence that educational games can help the development of your children. However, in this day and age when there are millions of apps to sift through, it can be difficult to find those educational games and activities that really do add value. Don’t despair! We have saved you the leg work by aggregating this list of some of the best educational games and activities for your kids; games that are guaranteed to positively improve your child’s without them even knowing that they are learning. 

Zoo Train

This app is amazing fun for your pre-schoolers. It includes 5 different learning games and sticker rewards that will make your youngsters look forward to every session. It helps them exercise their creativity as they build their own train. This game is available in the Apple Store.


Are you new to Bingo? It’s a game of chance where players receive a set of random numbers in return for a stake. The player ticks off the numbers in his set against numbers that have been selected at random and announced by a caller. Perhaps the best thing is that kids can learn their numbers from 1 to 90 whilst playing; without them even knowing they are learning. They also learn to follow the order of, and processes of the game, and practice the mental skill of concentrating fully on a task. Bingo can even help your youngsters get used to dealing with a pressure environment. Bingo is good for the development of children in a lot of ways. Who’d have thought it?

A player wins by completing a line or multiple lines more quickly than other participants. It is high value entertainment for everyone involved, with tension and excitement building through each game; keeping everyone transfixed. If you parents catch the excitement you can have some free bingo no deposit fun online too.


Squibbles Word Search

This is perfect if you have primary school aged kids. It leverages on children’s love for word puzzles to create a colorful environment, and includes an innovative reward system. The game is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and is perhaps one of the best proofs that iPad games can help your children learn how to spell and read. 

Essential Skeleton 4

This is an app for older children. It teaches the kids about the human skeleton by reading aloud the pronunciation for every bone in the body. It has a good range of features to make the learning process captivating for your young ones. It is available in the Apple Store. 

Doodle Maths

This is another perfect game for kids aged 7-11. They are sure to fall in love with the doodle book format of this app. The app features a system that allows the kids to earn credits and accessorize their adopted pet character. It is a great way to help your kids develop their math ability in a truly enjoyable manner. It really gets them bought into the tasks. The app is available in the Apple Store and in the Google Play Store. 

Duo Lingo

This is one for your older kids aged 11 and above. This app helps them learn a variety of languages, ranging from Portuguese to French, in a fun and engaging manner. Its well-crafted tests help ensure proper understanding of the different modules. Research shows that using this sort of app goes a long way in improving literacy for your kids. 

Percy Parker

This is a times table themed app where the game character sings different songs for every set of numbers. The songs are actually really entertaining and will quickly become anthems around the house! The app is available in the Apple Store.

Magic Piano

Fancy teaching your kids aged 7 and to learn to play the piano? This app guides them through playing a range of tunes as they follow beams of light with their fingers. The knowledge can be transferred to a full piano in remarkably little time! The apps is available on iOS, and Android too.
These are some of the best apps for educational gaming and activity for your kids. Their impact on education cannot be overemphasized, so it is a great idea to have some of them available to your children! Encourage your kids to play and engage, rather than just watching cartoons on YouTube.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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