06 October 2015

Get Free Stuff for Sharing with New App Sharesi.es

Sharing our lives has become a daily event for almost everyone with the help of social media.  We share milestones like engagements and pregnancy announcements.  We even share updates such as "Just went on a great jog!" or "Look at the mess my toddler just made!".  Now what if for sharing those same updates you could have a chance at getting rewarded?  The new app Sharesi.es (pronounced share-zees) thinks you should be rewarded for sharing those updates big and small!

For example, what if you could get rewarded with a free sports drink just for posting a pic while jogging on Sharesi.es?  Right now Sharesi.es is a brand new app and they really want to get families involved with sharing.  If you are newly engaged or have a new baby then you have some big news to share on Sharesi.es that their app team is looking to reward!  You can download Sharesi.es on Google Play and the App Store right now.  For more information check out the video below!

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