26 October 2015

Ideas to Give Your Kids the Best Party

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As a mom of four girls, I have had plenty of birthday planning experience. I know first hand how stressful it can be, however. But at the end of the day, it is always the best feeling in the world to see how much your children appreciate and enjoy the event. To help you create a great day for your kids, try some of these tips.

Think about a theme

So many kids parties that my girls have been to lately have been themed. It is a great way to inject a bit of your child’s personality into the party. If they love Disney princesses, you could think about hosting a princess party. You can let the kids get dressed up and get coordinated decorations too.

Decide on a budget

While you want your kids to have an amazing day, you don’t want to go overboard. Set yourself a budget and try to stick within this limit. It can also help you to make some planning decisions. If you aren’t sure on things, if they fall out of your budget you know you can cut them out.

Send out the invites early

Spreading the word about your child’s party is important for marking it in their friends’ parents’ calendars. As soon as you have a date in mind, send out your invitations. Include all details that they need to find you including your address, a start time and any extra details you think necessary. Ask for parents to RSVP, so you have a rough idea of numbers to help with your planning.

Don’t forget the party bags

Parents are really upping their games when it comes to the party bags. You can end up spending a fortune on lots of things to fill your bags with. However, I like to keep it traditional. Kids appreciate everything, so a small gesture is all that is really needed. Bags of candy, coloring pencils, small toys and some birthday cake are all great additions to party bags.

Plan some fun games

It is a really good idea to have some games planned for the kids to play. Hide and seek, musical chairs and pass the parcel are just a few fun ideas. You could even think about creating some educational games. This will keep the kids entertained while the adults can have a gossip together.

Don’t just cater for the kids

The chances are that your child’s friends will bring their parents along with them. It is easy to get so caught up in the planning side of things for the kids that you forget about the adults. Think about food and drinks that parents can also enjoy too.

Think about food

The kids are going to get hungry during the day. If you aren’t going to serve a full meal, think about getting some finger foods. You want something easy to make and that you can make lots of. Things that the kids can eat without too much mess are the best. And don’t forget the birthday cake, whatever you do.

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