21 October 2015

The Most Effective Home Security

There are several ways to protect your family and possessions in your home. However, the most effective way is to have security system monitoring. A monitored system is watched 24/7 all year by trained professionals. If your alarm is triggered, you’ll get help in just a few minutes.

Benefits of a Monitored System

• It is a false belief that a burglar alarm will deter intruders. Homeowners also think that if a neighbor hears a burglar alarm, they will call the police. If the neighbors aren’t home, there’s no one to hear the alarm. Burglars know they have only a few minutes inside a house, so they are fast even if an alarm sounds. If the alarm is monitored in a service center, you can be sure someone will hear it.

• If your alarm has a smoke detector, it will ask the monitoring center for help within seconds and the fire department will be on its way to your home whether you are home or not even if the alarm is turned off. This is about as safe as you can get from the danger of fire.

• If your home is invaded when you’re not there, you’ll get an email or text warning you, so you don’t inadvertently walk into a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, the police will have been called to your home.

• Having a monitored security system in your home may reduce your homeowner’s insurance. Many insurance companies offer substantial discounts to homeowners whose property is monitored.

• If your home is monitored, you’ll have signs around your yard that indicate the home is protected by a monitored system. Research has shown that this deters burglars.

• Your system may also have a panic button. When you push it, a signal immediately goes to the monitoring station where emergency help will be sent to your home.

Common Mistakes

Many people make the same home security mistakes. Some things to avoid are:

• Hiding your key in an obvious place – most burglars know about doormats, lawn ornaments and flower pots.

• A ladder nearby - burglars will immediately see a ladder leaning against the side of your house. They will also look in unlocked garden sheds.

• Your garage may be locked but the door from your garage into your house may not be. Always keep both locked at all times, even if you are at home.

Simple solutions to home security are rarely effective. For genuine peace of mind, a monitored system is the best choice.

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