06 November 2015

Cute Ideas to Celebrate a New Baby

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I love it whenever a friend or family member has a new baby. It's almost better than having your own because you only have to experience the fun bits! Visiting a new bundle of joy and celebrating their arrival is always a lot of fun. I see lots of new parents looking for ways to mark the arrival of their new baby. They all want something unique and interesting, that's more than just having a party or buying some balloons. There are some ways you can create something that will last forever. If you want to celebrate the birth of a new baby, here are some of my top ways to do it.

Plant a Tree

Planting trees has been a popular way to mark a birth for a long time. A tree is something that you can watch grow as your baby grows up too. You can put one in your backyard so that you can keep an eye on it every day. If you ever move houses, there may be the option of taking it with you, depending on how big it has grown. Another thing you could do is find a park or another piece of public or private land you where you can plant a tree. Putting up a plaque will mark it as yours.

Unique Jewelry

Jewelry is another popular choice for celebrating a newborn, either for the parents or the baby. If you want a unique option, you can create your very own diamond. You may have heard of using a loved one's ashes to put the carbon in diamonds. But you can do it using the DNA of someone living too. Using a lock of hair, you can make a diamond from your newborn's DNA or perhaps from yours at the time of their birth. This creates a unique piece of jewelry that you can treasure forever. It will be a unique, one-off piece and no one else will have one exactly like it.

Create Art

I love the idea of making a piece of art that you can display in your home. A lot of families decide to do a newborn photo shoot, which can be really cute. There are also other ways you can create a unique artwork to hang. For example, you can get a piece of paper and put the hand prints for the baby and parents on it. Then you just have to frame it, and you can keep it forever.

Time Capsule

Time capsules can be fun things to make and something to look forward to in a few years. Choose a date for when you're going to open it up before you fill it. Maybe you want to save it for when your baby turns ten, or hold on longer until they're 16 or 18. You could write a letter to them in the future, include some baby items or put in some photos of the day they were born.

There are lots of ways to celebrate a baby being born and create memories for the future. Pick something that speaks to you.
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