07 December 2015

Capture Your Social Memories with Social Yearbook

Over the last few years, I’ve been using Facebook as a means of sharing my life and my kids’ lives with my friends and family. My timeline is littered with those moments at the pumpkin patch, Collin’s first homer, our family RV adventure, or that summer beach vacation. Facebook has been great for staying connected and sharing those memories. However, just like yesterday’s news they all get lost on my timeline.

That’s where Social Yearbook came to my rescue. Social Yearbook is different than other photobooks, as it captures all of the Comments and Likes for my pictures that make up a big part of those memories. A beautifully printed and bound version of my timeline that I can keep forever.

My biggest complaint with photobooks in the past was the amount of time they took to create, forcing me to sort through and uploaded all of the photos I wanted to include. Social Yearbook automatically does that for me by assembling the photos I have already uploaded to Facebook – the best and most interesting pics I have. I can select an entire year (ie 2015, 2014, etc.), or a specific date range (ie June 22nd – July 6th) and voilà! my book is ready to edit.

The best part is that I can choose to edit or delete any pictures, titles or comments to customize my book exactly how I want it.

Getting started with Social Yearbook is easy! Just go to http://socialyearbook.com, log in with your Facebook credentials, and follow the step by step instructions. 

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

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