20 December 2015

Holiday Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

Being a mom can be a handful especially around the holiday season with many family functions to attend and presents to wrap. Here are a few beauty tips to help you put your best foot forward this holiday season while saving time.

Get A Flawless Face Fast With Tinted Moisturizer

Makeup can feel heavy and cakey when you're running errands around town and just want to look polished. Skip the heavy-duty foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead such as Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. Just touch up with a bit of concealer under the eyes and add a touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks in order to create an even and glowing complexion in a jiffy.

Cut Your Hair Drying Time In Half

Is it taking you forever to dry your hair in the morning? According to Shop Hair Dryers the right blow dryer for your hair type can cut your drying time by as much as half. If you have very long or thick hair pick a hair dryer with at least 1800 watts for fast and effective styling. Choose a hair dryer with tourmaline and ionic technology if you want an extra shine boost. Powerful dryers like the Babyliss Ceramix Xtreme may even have you skipping the flat iron.

Protect & Brighten Your Skin Daily With A Vitamin C Serum

Let's face it, skin can get pretty dull during the holiday season due to lack of sleep and late night cocktails. Applying a vitamin c serum takes just a few seconds and ensures antioxidant benefits throughout the day which means increased collagen production and more radiant skin.

According to Bestvitcserum.com the leading cause of aging and wrinkles is accumulative exposure to the sun's UVA rays and as busy moms we get exposed to plenty of rays throughout the day. Give your skin an extra layer of protection by always wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 every day.

The holiday seasons can be an hectic time but hopefully these tips will enable you to save time and enjoy the festivities. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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