07 January 2016

Planning A Surprise Party? Read These Amazing Tips

Even though surprise parties are a lot of fun, they require a great deal of time and effort. But if planned and executed well they can bring a smile to the face of everyone involved. The success of your party will rely on multiple things going your way, and this can make it a high pressured process. So if you’re planning a top secret party for a birthday or special occasion don’t rely on luck. Take a look at these tips and plan a party that is stress-free and remains a surprise up until the last minute.

Consider your venue carefully

It’s probably best not to choose a place that is too far away or somewhere too different to what they are used to. They will suspect something is going on and may be less inclined to go somewhere they aren’t familiar with. It could be difficult to organize a surprise party at your own home too without arousing suspicion. Casually suggest visiting a local restaurant or bar, just the two of you and do just that. Except when they walk in, they will be met with a room full of friendly faces celebrating this special occasion.

Ensure your guests get there first

The worst thing that could potentially happen is that everyone arrives after the person you want to surprise does. Consider this before sending out invitations to your guests and think about an appropriate arrival time. Remember that many people usually arrive fashionably late to parties. So you can either reinforce the importance of the time or allow some extra time for you to work with. For instance, if your party person is arriving at 8, ask your guests to arrive at 7.30. It will be easier to manage with a smaller group of people, so don’t invite too many people to attend. This will also make it easier for your plans to remain a secret.

When to plan the party

Evenings and weekends are usually the best time for party planning. But this can be difficult if you live with the person you are planning the event for. So you may need to get creative. Use your lunch hour to ring potential venues to set a definite date and to invite your guests. This will be better than emailing as it won’t leave a paper trail your guest of honor might read accidentally. Also, don’t forget to organize things like photography for the event, decorations and transport for your guest. These may seem like minor details but can make or break your party. Create decoy activities and secretly meet up with close friends and family attending the party. You can use this time to assign tasks for them to complete and also ask them for help with catering, storing of items and help setting up. This should spread out the workload and ease the pressure off you to do everything.
These tips will ensure that your surprise party is a complete success. The additional effort you put in will be worth all the hassle when you see the look on the party person’s face.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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