19 February 2016

Fun Ways To Learn New Skills With Your Kids

We all know how important it is to educate our children. But having kids doesn’t have to mean that you have to stop learning! Consider doing one of the following four activities with them. Both you and they will be able to develop new skills and passions, and you’ll get to spend some quality time together. Oh, and you might just find your new favorite hobby.

Teach them how to bake

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This lesson happens at home. Each week, discuss a new recipe with the kids. If you have several, let them take it in turns on deciding what you will learn to cook. Try and encourage healthier options, or foods that include organic or home-grown foods. Apple pie is a great example of this.  If you’re feeling a little nervous, practice the recipe by yourself a few nights before. You can help them but along the way, you’ll be learning new skills too. Building confidence in the kitchen at a young age will stay with them for life.

Volunteer at an animal shelter together

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Animal shelters are always looking for extra help. Could you be exactly what they’ve been looking for? Volunteering teaches children lessons in empathy and care and more practical skills like cleaning. You’ll also be teaching them just how valuable it is to give back to society. Just watch out for the ‘Can we adopt a dog’ questions, and have your response ready!

Take language classes

You’ll be setting a great example to the kids about learning and widening your horizons with this one. If you’re attending classes with older children, be sure to remind them just how valuable having a second language is when it comes to getting a job. If one of them wants to be a journalist, for example, remind them that if they can speak French they might get sent on exciting assignments to Paris one day. This might help to keep them focused.
Then, if you start to truly enjoy yourself, you can think about moving up to a more advanced level by yourself. Or, go abroad and enjoy a holiday and an intensive course at the same time. Spanish classes are an especially good option as the language is spoken in so many different places.

Attend painting classes 

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The type of art class you’ll take will depend on the age of your kids. If you’ve got little ones, take them along to experimental classes where they can get messy. These classes can include popping balloons and throwing paint! Just be sure to take a change of clothes for the drive home! If you’re the proud parents of older children, you will be able to find some classes where both you and they can learn new skills. Life drawing classes will teach them about the human body. Or, landscape painting classes will teach them about colors and patience. You might find you have a real knack for it and can continue your new hobby at home when the kids go to bed! 

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