17 April 2016

How to Spot a Bad Janitorial Service Company Before It's Too Late

For any business or organization a janitorial service company is a necessary expense, however if you don’t find the right janitorial service for your needs then choosing the wrong company may come at a much higher cost than you first anticipated. Therefore, it is best to foresee this and look out for some common signs of a bad janitorial service company, as this could save you a lot of unnecessary hassle and costs.

One of the first things to look out for when trying to spot a bad janitorial service company is their reputation. This may require a bit of research of your part, but it is well worth the cost and hassle of finding out the hard way. You may be able to ask around people and companies you know who have previous experiences with the companies and services that you are looking at using. Even a quick Google search may come up with some interesting feedback and reviews about the company; also reviews about services that you will not require are still relevant in order to assess if the company is reliable and trustworthy such as this one here
If you are unable to find any reviews online, and you don’t know of anyone who has had previous dealings with the janitorial company, then don’t hesitate to ask the janitorial company to supply some references. Firstly, if they are unable to provide you with references then that is a clear sign that they should be avoided. You may also want to check how long they have been operating for and how much industry knowledge and experience they have, and if they have many long standing customers. If the company has been operating for some time and doesn’t have long-term customers they are currently servicing, then this may be a sign that they have offered bad services in the past.

Another way to spot a bad janitorial service is to find out what kind of support services they would offer you. A good company will offer you around the clock support, including direct phone access in order to meet any extra requirements you may have out of office hours. Ideally, the company should have the ability to send their services to you as soon as you need them and in a timely manner. If a janitorial service does not offer this kind of support, then you may be putting your health and safety practices at risk. A company that is only able to send a task force for pre-arranged services within the cleaning schedule, and not when you need them in the case of emergencies, is a cleaning service to steer clear of. 
It often isn’t too hard to spot a bad janitorial company, but these simple tips should ensure that you are able to spot them straight away and save yourself and your business from a bad experience with such a company. Staying mindful of these ways in which to spot a bad janitorial service company will definitely help you and your business before it’s too late.

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