14 May 2016

North Carolina Domestic Violence Shelter Locator

If you or someone that you love is experiencing domestic violence it is important to get immediate help to remove yourself or the people involved as soon as possible.  Seeking temporary shelter to get out of an abusive situation can be difficult.  They may be isolated due to their partner cutting them off from friends or family, or they may feel hopeless about their own situation.  Financial burden can also play an important role in factoring how oneself views how they will be able to leave an abusive situation.  However one may be feeling in this circumstance, reaching out for help is key.

If you are in North Carolina, Charles Ullman has a wonderful resource put together that provides a list of temporary shelters by location.  They also provide information on divorce and family law, as well as a list of reputable attorneys that can help you in your situation.  If you know someone who could use this information please pass this link along, as it can save lives.  Also, if you are outside of North Carolina you can always access your local women's shelter or by visiting the website domesticshelters.org.

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