05 December 2016

Educate Your Kids with a Game of Bingo

Bingo is a fun game, loved by all and played by all. Bingo is known to people as the game of grans and a game that is only played for entertainment and as a fun past time. But it has has a lot more to it. Earlier, bingo was used for educational purposes which rolled out across the globe as we now know it as Online Bingo.

Let us look back at the history of edu-bingo

It was Germans who first began to use bingo in the 19th century as an educational tool to teach children their times tables, animals names, spelling, and history. Like Le Lotto, this game gave players a game card on which a selection of numbers or letters were printed. Using a tombola drum, the master of ceremonies would then draw tiles and the first player to cover a set amount of numbers or spell out a certain word would be declared the winner. This game proved to be an effective gimmick and since then it gained more popularity and spread throughout the world.

Bringing back the past: how to use bingo for educating your kids?

You have two options to choose from: You can either choose to buy bingo cards or customize them as per your wish and liking. The latter is more preferable. Each player gets a large card with squares containing words, phrases or pictures. Everybody gets the same words, but in a different order. Each time the caller calls out a word, the participant searches for the right square on his card, and marks it. This helps in improving grasping power and also aids in increasing their performance levels. The first player to have five words highlighted in a row yells 'Bingo', and wins.

While your kids are away from home and studying and you have no one to play with, you can indulge yourself in online bingo and look into reviews of sites like Rehab Bingo. Online bingo lets you play with other players, therefore, making you feel homely.

Winner price

Rewarding is the best way to keep your kids going and interested and motivated at the same time. Kids love gifts and when its something that they like, they would do anything to get more of it. Its a great way to improve your kids mental agility and cognitive strength for a better memory. Some of the gift ideas could be their school essentials, toy that they have been longing for or any other thing that you think would be the best for your kids.

Besides teaching it also develops the team spirit among the kids and improves their interpersonal relationships which is by the way a great relief as you will have to deal with less fights. So, start playing bingo with your kids and have a good time.

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