09 February 2017

The Best Ways to Find Cheap Textbooks

The significance of a college education in a person's life is unquestionable. Society makes a clear distinction between people with a formal college education and those who have never received theirs. However, it is also widely known that college can prove to be a financial strain for those seeking a higher education. In addition to paying for tuition, the cost of college textbooks have dramatically increased year after year. High textbook prices have put a great burden on college students. Here are three ways to find the cheapest textbooks. 

The best way to find cheap textbooks is by using a textbook comparison website. Instead of looking up each ISBN at every available online bookstore, use single website that does all the work for you. It is fast and easy to use. To make sure that you find the right book, enter the ISBN instead of the title and then search. The results are sorted by lowest price so students can save time and money knowing that they will instantly find textbooks at the cheapest price. You will also be able to see the shipping costs and the estimated delivery time.

Besides buying textbooks, renting can also be an attractive option. Every bookstore that sells books also rents them out too. The great thing about renting is that the upfront cost is less. Students pay a fee to rent textbooks for a semester and then return it by mail when the class is finished. The book rental company provides postage too. Just make sure to return the books back on time. Otherwise, you will get hit with a late fee penalty. Another downside of renting is that it actually costs more than buying. When you compare the price paid for renting versus buying and then reselling, renting will cost more. However, it is less work for the student. 

Another good way to save on textbooks is by searching the popular online classifieds website, craigslist.org under the “Books” category in the “For Sale” section. There are students that have just finished a class and sell their books on this marketplace. The price is good for the buyer since it will most likely be cheaper than their college bookstore. For the seller, they also get a better price since they sell direct to a buyer instead of selling to an intermediary that takes a commission on the sale. Of course the drawback is that the selection of books is more limited and you may not find the one that you need. 

There is no doubt that college is an expense endeavor. By the time that students finish their degrees, they are often saddled with student loan debt. Why not make it easier on yourself from the start by trying to minimize your college expenses. While there isn't a lot that students can do about their tuition, there is at least a few ways to save on college textbooks. By using a book comparison website, renting textbooks, or buying them through online classifieds, students can find the cheapest textbooks possible. Every bit of savings helps.

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