16 July 2017

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects You Can Do With Kids

Have you ever walked into your home and wanted to give it a makeover? It’s exciting and rewarding for homeowners to upgrade the aesthetic of their home to look more stylish and new. For those with kids, this idea might seem like a fantasy. Where can you find the time to fix up your home and keep the kids busy? The good news is that there are a few DIY home improvement projects your kids can participate in!

First, bring to life the faded mailbox.

You don’t have to spend money you can use elsewhere by replacing a worn mailbox with a new one. Instead, take the kids to the nearest craft store and purchase nifty art supplies. Let them paint the mailbox spunky colors with wild designs and add decorative elements like bedazzling beads or gems. Decorating your mailbox kooky is limited to the imagination of your children and making sure your house address numbers are still visible on the outside of it of course! It certainly is a way to make your house stand out on the street.

Second, improve the gardening outside.

Gardening with children is an enriching project that both improves the outside of your home and educates kids. Get kids excited to eat their fruits and veggies by having them plant and grow their own food; plus, this keeps their diets organic and healthy! If you want to add lovely flowers to your backyard and create a gorgeous open-air nook for the kids, plant sunflowers around a square; filling the inner brim with smaller colorful flowers. Anyone can enjoy relaxing under the sun in this slice of paradise.

Some plants are edible and can be motivating to plant in anticipation of an interesting treat. Please keep in mind that not all plants are eatable – some plants are toxic – and it is important to teach kids to ask your permission before consuming anything in the garden. Overall, there are numerous possibilities to get your kids involved with entertaining landscaping ideas!

Third, bring rooms and walls back to life with new paint.

Dingy walls do not have to remain an eyesore every time you walk in and out of a room. Freshening up a coat of paint to make a room vibrant or completely changing the shade altogether can make your home look professionally renovated. Kids love to paint so why not have them help you with this fixer upper? Big walls give them a lot of space to expel energy while contributing to coat coverage. The best part? You can easily fix mistakes while the kids still feel a sense of pride from helping you better the home! Not to mention, they can brag to friends and guests how they did it themselves – kind of.

Painting can also lead to another activity of reorganizing rooms when the paint coats are dry. Living spaces – especially small ones – can look brand new when optimizing the available area. This includes painting with light hues, furnishing with multi-functional pieces, color coding, incorporating mirrors, and maximizing any compartment capability. Dare we say a shopping trip is in order?
However, it is important to note that harden paint chipping off can be a sign of water damage. In this case, it is best to have a professional evaluate the situation than try a DIY project to fix the outer appearance. Contact Water Restoration in Dallas, Texas for more details.

Fourth, turn the backyard into a fun activity zone.

The backyard is an excellent source for summer fun and family bonding. Kids might enjoy this improvement the most because you can let them plan exactly how they want it. Do they want to play on a tire swing hanging from a tree? Camp out in a tree house? Dig in a handmade sandbox? Order a playhouse of their choosing and prepare a spot for it by raking and pulling weeds. Place plywood in the ground to create a mini golf course and let the children paint themes on them. They will be the coolest kids on the block!

Fifth, tidy up the garage.

All the tools and equipment in the garage can be organized to create available space. Although kids should not take part in handling objects or looking through unsteady piles, they can help create boxes and cubbies for systemizing items. Children can paint, add glitter, glue on embellishments, and incorporate anything they find in the craft store they want to use. Not only do they get to help but they can also get in touch with their inner artist!

Although having kids assist you with home improvement projects is helpful for having an extra set of hands, it is not the only reason to have them participate in DIY projects. Here at waterdamagerestorationdallastexas.com, we believe it is important to educate children – early on – how to critically assess problems that need to be fixed and find solutions. We see this in many circumstances we work with in customer homes. From saving a flooded garden to spreading mold from water damage in the house, no extent is too insignificant to begin teaching lessons!

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