03 July 2017

Baby Shower Gifts For the Mom Who Has it All

Onesies, socks and hats are probably the most common items that come to mind when a loved one has a baby shower. Although these gifts are certainly useful, you want to offer a more unique item that reflects your knowledge about motherhood. Take a look at these baby-shower gifts that excite any mom, whether they're first timers or experienced women.

Umbilical-Cord Storage Gift Certificate

A life-changing gift can be in the form of a paid certificate. Storing your baby's umbilical cord is a practice that's been introduced in the past few decades. By freezing these tissues, your baby has a future outlet for stem cells. If disease sets in at any age, your child may be able to use their own stem cells for a cure. Pay for the initial storage of the cord, and the mom can take over the yearly payments afterward.

Distinct Clothing Selections

Babies goes through clothing with amazing speed, but find those adorable outfits now so that they can grow into them. A New York Yankees Jersey, for example, is a clever gift for a mom who loves baseball. Pick out a suit or dress for the baby in a large size, such as 12-months old. He or she can grow into it, and the parents don't have to spend a lot of money at the time to pay for the outfit.

The Diaper Cake

Diapers are a fact of life when babies are born. Create a cake made of folded diapers. This gift-giving idea is a beautiful way to show off a functional and necessary item. Decorate the diapers with ribbons as if the cake was trimmed too. These diapers can be disposable or cloth, depending on your desires. The recipient will often place this diaper cake on a table during the shower as a festive way to show off the amusing gift.

Cloth Books

The baby may still be in mommy's belly, but contributing to his or her education right now is always a good idea. Purchase several, cloth books that have letters, images and keywords printed on them. As the baby grows, he or she can handle the books and be exposed to the information. They'll eventually equate the information to their surroundings as babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers.

If you can't choose just one gift, try a mixture of smaller items arranged in a basket or box. All of those smaller essentials, including binkys and burp cloths, are priceless to any parent who wants to calm their baby. These items tend to wear down very quickly too so even an experienced mom will need a new set as the newborn enters the world.

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